Thursday, November 4, 2010

Wood's Hole to Partnership (Map and Photos)

From Wood's Hole hostel (so long ago!), our next stretch was to Partnership Shelter (near Marion, VA; on grounds near the Mt. Rogers visitors center).


Michael (of Wood's Hole) recommended camping at Dismal Falls (or, alternately, the Falls of Dismal) — which turned out to be an excellent suggestion.

Although the water was low for a waterfall, it was lots of water as far as we were concerned; and neat rocks and a nice camping area.

(We didn't go swimming.)

Untried fruit.

We got rained on at Dismal — I think as forecasted — but had a chance to hang things out to dry at the next shelter.

Ramen, with additives: dried tomatoes and mushrooms from my mom (home-grown, home-dried!).

We get excited by trash cans.

Between Dismal Falls and the road, we ran into Edsel a few times, and he (very kindly!) drove us into town for sandwiches (we got him one too), and apples (he had a whole crate to use up). It was impressively windy on the road-walk just before where he was parked; Jo's gear was trying to escape while we all staggered up the hill.

Toad on trail.

I carried in a journal to use as a shelter register — and at last we found a shelter that needed it. So: a welcome page, and a first entry. (The Pooh quote seems especially apt for hikers.)

This must be a nice picture, because I picked it to upload while we were in Damascus. However, on the computer screen at Uncle Johnny's, it looks mostly black. Hopefully it is not!

Camping. (Did you know we were camping?)

Hiking! We also hike. Or at least Jo hikes. Also: these ones really are for Jo's sister.

Chestnut Knob featured an enclosed shelter (which, being an Indoor Experience, turned out not to be that exciting). The descent was a lovely bald with good views of things to come.

Still fall, some places.

A new type of stile — less ladder-climbing involved.

Lots of Virginia features rhododendron forest.

At The Barn — a diner — we were presented with a hiker box! Our waitress used to run the Happy Hiker Hostel (now closed), and was very hiker-friedly.

To our great delight, Marion had a bus which (for 50¢ each) would take us from the visitor's center into town and back! Much easier than hitching a ride.

Partnership Shelter features two levels, as well as a shower (with cool-to-almost-hot water) and a sink out back.

The fame of Partnership shelter: you can order pizza for delivery. (We did. Twice.)

I used up my second container of skin grease (for my sandal-clad feet) — purchased near the end of Shenandoah — and started in on my third.

Coloring! Farm-a-sea was excited to join us in our artistry.


  1. Mary Mark's Mom04 November, 2010 21:44

    More lovely pictures! I just wish I could read the words on the journal pages (I got the Pooh ones, at least). The rocks at the waterfall are spectacular.

    Mary Lu says 'hi!' She asked how many miles you've hiked so far, and if you've worn out your shoes yet.

  2. Thanks! (The Pooh ones are the most exciting.)

    It's about a thousand from Harper's Ferry to Springer, and we have between three and four hundred left. (Jo has all the numbers well in mind, but I don't.)

    My sandals (Tevas so far) are just getting near ready for replacement; the soles are showing a smidge of a crack under the ball of my foot. I haven't worked out my shoe-replacement plan; it may be that in the Smokies I'll be ready to switch to shoes. However, so far socks have been enough added warmth.