Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Greasy Creek Friendly (Hostel)

We've gone over Roan Mountain, and are staying the night — and maybe zeroing — at Greasy Creek Friendly. (Dial-up! No photos for now...)

The gradual climb up to Roan was more fun than the mountain itself: lots of great views from the balds on and around Hump Mountain. Roan had interesting forest, though: very wet, and evergreens. We stayed in Roan High Knob shelter last night — the highest shelter on the A.T. — and today were feeling the strain of lots of climbing yesterday and non-restful shelter company last night, so we're taking a break.

Greasy Creek Friendly is named (a) for the nearby Greasy Creek (in turn so named for the sheen the iron-rich soil in the area gives to the water) and (b) in opposition to the decidedly unfriedly neighbor whom C.C. (the proprietress) has long been suffering.

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  1. Mary Mark's Mom02 November, 2010 21:33

    Will be interested to hear your reaction to Greasy Creek Friendly Hostel and neighbor. I gather the place has quite a reputation.

    Out in the 'civilized' world we are dealing with rabid neighbors who steal or destroy campaign signs. I'll be glad when this election is over!