Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Kincora to Erwin / Uncle Johnny's (Map and Photos)

From Kincora, we hiked next to Uncle Johnny's in Erwin, TN.

Out of Erwin, we climbed up over Big and Little Hump mountains, which are bald, and then over Roan Mountain. The initial climb up featured a nice view back.

We camped at Doll Flats (for once with southbound but not northbound signage), to break up the climb; it turned out to be a lovely site, as well as convenient.

The field next to our camp site featured a view back over territory we'd covered, including (in the far distance) the highland balds.

We pose with Roan Mountain.

We stopped in at Greasy Creek Friendly, where C.C. fixed us dinner while we watched a movie.

For part of a day, Brownie adopted us. (Our call to the owner's number went unanswered; I recorded info and left it in a shelter journal as well. A few people with whom we've crossed paths said they also saw the dog.)

Yunaka ('you naked?' without the 'd', C.C. told us) was our next big climb; no view, but interesting variety in the forest up, at the top, and coming down.

There was a bald shortly after Yunaka with views back and on.

After arriving in Erwin, we quickly put our cabin into disarray.

While we zeroed, a bunch more southbounders rolled into Uncle Johnnie's — Grinner and Picker (who we saw in Hot Springs too), Charm and Lucky (off for Lucky's unlucky ankle, for a bit), Boo and Scout (with whom we've been trains-passing-in-the-night a bit recently, so we were excited to finally meet them), and Birdie. Fun!

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