Saturday, November 27, 2010

Hiawassee, GA

We're in Georgia!

We are about to head out for our final stretch: Hiawassee to Springer. (We may stop in at Neels Gap, since the trail goes through it, but we've resupplied for The End!)


  1. Mary Mark's Mom29 November, 2010 21:46

    I hate to have the saga end, but I look forward to seeing you - and the rest of the pictures!

    Stay warm!

    A hiking/backpacking friend recommends boiling water, sealing it in a watertight container, and putting it in the sleeping bag for warmth. I personally wouldn't trust a water bottle, no matter how well sealed. I would opt for roasting a potato and poking that into the down bag - maybe wrapped in something ash-proof.

  2. Wow, I can't believe you are almost to Springer!

    Thanks for doing the blog and letting us all follow along with such a fun adventure. Not the same as being on the trail, of course, but nice to stay in contact.

  3. I look forward to seeing you too — and the rest of the pictures! I have sort of seen them, but not properly.

    I've heard about the boiled-water Nalgene scheme; I think I'd trust mine to stay sealed (and wouldn't mind keeping my water warm that way — my reservoir hose froze for the first time today). (The potato would make a nice breakfast, though, so long as it didn't attract a bear.) However, we're inside tonight, and then only one more imminent cold night outside.

    And -

    We can't quite believe we're almost done, either. We're on the last page of the data book (elevation profile and landmarks): the page with Springer; and it sort of shocks us every time we notice that, or notice that we're at mile N (where N has recently been 60s, and then 40s, and now 20).

    Glad the blog was a good thing! (Hopefully it will be handy a little longer, when I make the last-few-stretches entries.)

    Pizza decisions call!