Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Damascus to Kincora (Map and Photos)

From Damascus — the halfway town for the southern portion of the A.T. — we hiked to Kincora, the hiker hostel run by the legendary Bob Peoples.

Damascus' A.T. approach is designed for northbounders: under a sign, through a park, and onto Main street.

Maybe someone forgot to pack it out?

I don't usually pack out baklava — however!, my dad sent me some along with the cold-weather gear in my Damascus mail drop. Hoorah! (Not only is it tasty, but it packs quite well.)

We arrive early into camp. Q: What to do? A: Make a fire. Q: What to do with a fire? A: Roast marshmallows, of course. Q: In want of marshmallows, what to roast? A: Rice krispie bars! (They work pretty well, actually.)

Night at the shelter.

It rained over night, and the next day and a half we hiked in a cloud. Soggy, but worth it to me for a new view of the forest — especially of a lone grave / monument.

Time for a new register!

I had packed out a blank notebook again, for just such an occasion.

It cleared up just in time for a great view of Watawba Lake.

We hiked down to the lake, and then did a bit of road walk across the dam.

Lunch: pizza buffet!

And from Hampton (above), we hiked back to the A.T. (on a blue-blaze), and in to Kincora. A highlight for me — as well as the general friendliness of Bob Peoples and the house, and the Katahdin/Springer photos papering the walls and ceiling — was that we could cook; I made pizza for dinner, and packed out biscuits.

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