Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Franklin, NC

We're now in Franklin, N.C.! We finished the Smokies without incident but with lots of pretty landscape (and, for a day, rime ice); visited Fontana Dam (which the A.T. crosses); and swung through the Nantahala Outdoor Center (on the Nantahala River).

We've also made our Final Plan — subject already to modification, but enough of a plan that we know we're probably going to summit Springer on December 2nd (or 1st or 3rd), and we just bought our Amtrak tickets (!!).

Last night was our first most awesome trail magic. Apple, a trail angel (a maintainer who does Nice Stuff as a habit) had set up a big tent with a wood stove, and cooked us hot dogs for dinner and made hot chocolate to go with pop tarts and oatmeal for breakfast. He was also a fun chap to spend an evening and morning with — among other things, a Ham radio operator (he set up an automated detector that notifies him in Morse code when a hiker is getting close!). (Although our hitch into Franklin — in the rain — took a little while, a couple we passed hiking today recognized us as we were walking back from the grocery store where we resupplied, and gave us a ride; more magic and general friendliness.)

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  1. Mary Mark's Mom24 November, 2010 17:18

    Trail Magic and Restoration of Faith in People continues into Deep and Dark December! Well almost, and the alliteration is better than with 'November.'

    Happy Thanksgiving! Hope you are warm and dry and with good people.