Saturday, October 2, 2010

Daleville, VA

We have arrived in Daleville! We're a few days behind the expected schedule, but a bit less damp (or, soaked) for it, and happy to've arrived (and showered and visited Pizza Hut). My knee was giving me some problems but seems to be doing well now (I borrowed Jo's hiking poles for a couple days, and we took a zero — meaning, no hiking for a day); and it rained copiously (which other east-coast areas seem to've seen also), so we scheduled around that a bit with reasonably good results. More details to follow (hopefully with photos...)!


  1. Mary Mark's Mom02 October, 2010 17:10

    Hi Guys,

    I'm anxious to see pictures! Our rain gauge maxxed out (6" and then some), and I hope the rain is enough to save the trees - I've been seeing some dieback from the drought.

    I love looking at your 'altitude' versus 'speed' graphs. I was trying to match the '50mph' stretches to the downhill stretches, but finally realized they must involve hitchhiking, not rolling down steep hillsides!


  2. Hey guys! I don't keep a rain gauge, so um, I don't know anything about that. But I am glad you took a zero day and did no hiking! Not that you should be particularly proud of that, since that is your duty, but it is good to have a break. (hah, i am such an asshole, my god.)

    I should try to measure out my days with "altitude" versus "speed." That would be highly entertaining in flat ND.

    You guys take care. watch for speed bumps. And don't call to say "I am in town" because I think you are in my town, which you are not.

    Yessica Yorgenson