Monday, October 25, 2010

Wood's Hole Hostel (Map and Photos)

From Pearisburg, we got shuttled to Wood's Hole Hostel (owned by Neville and Michael — a couple); then we slack-packed north into Pearisburg again, resupplied, and got shuttled to the hostel again. We also zeroed before heading out on the trail. (Slack-packing is leaving most of one's belongings behind and day-hiking: for me, it meant a 22-pound pack, which felt like nothing.)

The main house at Wood's Hole, where Neville and Michal live, and where meals are held; it also has a few rooms for those who are not bunk-house oriented.

Mail drop excitement!

Although we had the grounds mostly to ourselves the day we zeroed, there were lots of other hikers — maybe ten guests each night.

The bunk house was, Neville told us, originally a play house built with scrap lumber from the main building.

On our slack-pack:

We watched a helicopter ferry bundles of something (scrap iron from dismantled electrical towers?) off the ridge while we snacked.

Angel's Rest had a good view of Pearisburg and the river through it.

Following a road into Pearisburg; I was surprised how much like their caricature Donkeys actually appear.

Nice arrangement.

Jo marked it as her dream house.

Meals at Wood's Hole are communal, including preparation and cleanup.

Neville mixes the salads.


Michael sits at the head of the table. That night was burritos; the night before was pizza. (Both delicious.)

Michael drove us up to the trailhead. (Amakua — spelling unknown, but meaning a memorial marker in some culture/language — came with. She wanted to play fetch, even in the back of a pickup truck.)

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