Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Partnership Shelter

We got in to the Partnership shelter yesterday evening and — this is the wonder of it — had pizza for dinner. It is at the Mt. Rogers Visitors Center, and close enough to Marion that one can order pizza which (almost) everyone does. We also made it in to town for resupply yesterday in record time: there's public transit (!!), for 50¢ each, so we didn't have to hitch.

...however, we decided to take a zero, despite accomplishing our immediate goals. It was rainy this morning (always a motivator for being sedentary); and Cloud, who was staying at Partnership too, was sick last night (food poisoning?), so he called up the bus for a ride in to town to visit the doctor — so, at the last minute we half-packed and got in to town for (finally) a pancake breakfast. Now we're seeing the signts, such as they are.

The downside to a last-minute town run is that, although I have my camera, I have nothing and no means to post: the USB cable is at the shelter, as is the (second) 16GB card I just filled. But, Damascus!

P.S. However, other people have taken pictures of Partnership. It's right up there with Bryant — a loft and everything.


  1. Mary Mark's Mom21 October, 2010 21:17

    I see that you are almost out of Virginia! Is this Marion named for the Revolutionary War hero, the Swamp Fox? (I read a novel, long ago, by that name.) (There are a lot of Marions, according to
    I hope my short letter makes it to Damascus in time to find you. This drop took me by surprise - as did a number of bills and other deadlines.

  2. Mary Mark's Mom23 October, 2010 22:18

    23 October: Not to hog the netwaves, but...
    A weather report I looked at for Damascus, VA said FROST WARNING for last night! Yeow! Did you wake up with frost on your beards and eyelashes? (Almost scans with Sound of Music song, Raindrops on roses.)
    I bet a tent is warmer than a shelter in freezing weather, but maybe if you fill a shelter with a large crowd (three dog night?) it helps.

  3. Hi! (Hopefully I'll borrow Jo's phone later today; no AT&T service here.) The letter did fine me - thanks.

    It was very cold a couple nights ago - and yes, the bubble of warm (un-windblown) air in a tent is nice. Hurricane Shelter (appropriately named given its very windy location/night) prompted us to sleep head-inward, though; usually we prefer to have our heads towards the open side. The night after that (I think - Wise Shelter) Jo said she saw frost on the grass when she headed out; I stayed in my tent until the sun was actually up, and didn't see any.

    I wondered if Marion, VA was related to Marion, PA (if in fact the latter is for the war hero, as everything around the main line seems to be). Their site (of which I approve — lots of linkification, to Google Books and Wikipedia among others) says: "The name was chosen to honor the popular South Carolina hero of the American Revolutionary War, General Francis Marion."