Friday, September 17, 2010

Waynesboro, VA (Take 3)

Posting pictures turns out to be An Issue, so no photos this time, sadly. (Fail — or success, I guess — for library tech security; and definite fail for Nikon in-camera JPEGization UI.)

However! Jo is posting stuff too, so go read that.

Jo adds...: I took a bath, and I still have dirt on me!

(Me too. I may buy a scrubby thing for my feet when we go to get groceries for resupply.)


  1. Hi, Mark,
    I've enjoyed catching up on your trip thru this blog. Glad your mom gave me the address. Have fun! Praying for you.
    Christi Gac

  2. Hi Mrs. Gac! I'm glad she gave you the address, also; I ought've remembered. I read A Walk In The Woods, which was fun - and fun to read about the bits around Harpers Ferry as I was in them - and then I passed it on to another thru-hiker. (He said he'd started it a couple times but ended up loosing the book etc, so hopefully this copy has seen him through!)