About & Mail Drops

Follow along as Mark (Karma) and Jo (Someday) hike southbound on the southern half of the Appalachian Trail. We're all done as of 2010 Dec 4th, but I'll be making a few more entries, as will Jo (on trailjournals, linked to above).

Mail Drops (for posterity - all collected)

Getting mail on the AT is really awesome and totally happiness-inducing. It is also a bit tricky. Jo's parents (Mary and Doug) have volunteered/been volunteered to handle mail drops. If you want to send us a letter or postcard, please mail it to:

Jo or Mark
c/o The Swansons
33969 E Walta Road
Askov MN 55704

We will be receiving several boxes from them with letters, supplies, etc. They will include your letter in the next box. This ensures that we actually get it, as timing can be difficult and letters sometimes get lost in general delivery. (If you want to risk a general delivery letter, go for it — instructions below.)

If you plan on sending us a package . . .woohoo! :) Packages can be sent to us directly. Please send any packages priority mail: if we cannot make it to the location where it was sent or if it does not arrive in time, sending the package priority means that the postal system will forward it to our next destination for free. Yay!

Here are our maildrop addresses. The note about holding for AT hiker is absolutely essential, and so is the estimated arrival date (actual arrival dates might change, but either stick with these dates or if you have better information, guess). Post offices will generally only hold mail for two weeks, so don’t mail any Hot Springs packages before we've set out or anything.

(Maildrop date estimates updated 2010 October 2nd.)

Maildrop One (received)

Joanna Swanson or Mark Fickett (whomever you like more that day)
c/o General Delivery
Waynesboro, VA 22980

(somewhere on box/envelope, include this:)
Please hold for AT hiker
ETA September 17, 2010

237.1 miles in between

Maildrop Two Received Oct 10th

c/o Woods Hole Hostel
3696 Sugar Run Road
Pearisburg VA 24134

Please hold for AT hiker
ETA October 9, 2010

152.5 miles in between

Maildrop Three (received)

c/o General Delivery
Damascus, VA 24236

Please hold for AT hiker
ETA October 23, 2010

192.5 miles in between

Maildrop Four (received)

c/o General Delivery
Hot Springs, NC 28743

Please hold for AT hiker
ETA November 9, 2010

Phone Contact

Jo's cell phone plan is way better than Mark's, so you may see her number when he calls. (Let one of us know if you'd like her number.) Jo's phone will likely be off, but messages will be checked every few days; in view of reception scarcity and battery conservation, most calls will be made on days when we are in town.